Welcome to the Alliance

Investing in the health & functionality of individuals and organisations

Alliance Psychology & Trauma Consultants is a service established to provide specialised clinical and organisational services to a national community of individuals and organisations.

Personal growth and mental health of individuals invariably impact on organisations and their productivity.

Alliance works with organisations that value the health and welfare of their staff. We understand that people are the critical element in every organisation’s success.

Alliance is a consortium of independent practitioners and consultants who have many years of experience in Altogetherhealth, welfare and organisational change.

Individuals & organisations have access to Alliance practitioners who can provide services wherever they are needed.

Our members collaborate on larger projects and provide an integrated, seamless approach to make assessments, advise organisations and implement change with the highest level of precision.

Your Alliance includes professional consultants in these fields

Clinical & Consulting Psychologists
Organisational & Change Management
Mediation & Team Development
Educational & Group Training
Military & Other Trauma
Resilience Training

Alliance Services